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Twitter Bookmarklet III

11.07.2009, 20:16

For twitter users: Here's an easy-to-use toolbar button for your browser that substitutes the URL shortening and copy-pasting for you. There's no installation, I don't want to know your twitter login or password, and it will shorten the URL using

The bookmarklet will:

  • Receive a short URL from the API
  • Open up your twitter homepage in a new tab (Firefox) or in a pop up with the short URL and the page title included in the textarea
  • (Or take you to the twitter login page, which will then redirect)

To install just drag this link/button into your browser's bookmarks toolbar:


The bookmarklet is even supporting flickr-Photos (using their short URL like and other web sites (Ars technica, PHP-Manual, this blog...) if they provide own shortening services.

The code is a bit inspired by John Resig's „retweet“ button but it's not on the page you are viewing, but in your browser's toolbar, so you don't rely on webmasters cluttering their designs with social bookmarking services' buttons.

For IE-Users: You will have to right-click on the link and choose save bookmark. After that, you will be warned, because it's not a simple link, but a bookmarklet.

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ShortURL Auto-Discovery Twitter Bookmarklet

07.04.2009, 17:44


Recently I've created a boomarklet to post links quickly to twitter using URL-shortening. The main feature was that you don't have to login on 3rd party web sites because it takes you to twitter. But now there's some more improvement: The new bookmarklet looks for a tiny url on the website itself in a <link rel="short_url"-Tag> (thanks to Snaplog).

To install just drag this link in your bookmark toolbar and you're done:

tweet this

Since there are not too many pages that implement the short_url tag, it falls back to shortening if it couldn't find one. To test it navigate to a page that offers a short_url for example:

Edit 2009-10-22: New Version

The new major version Twitter Bookmarklet III is available.

New in Version

Since the short_url could lead to confusion with URL/URI and has the underscore I've updated the bookmarklet again to support rel="shortlink" too, which seems like a better term. There was of course some discussion.

New in Version 0.9.2:

The bookmarklet has been updated again to allow the short_url keyword to be one of a space separated list. This means it works now on

New in Version 0.9.1:

I had to update the bookmaklet to support relative URLs as used by In Javascript element.href returns the full, absolute url like etc. while l.attributes[x].nodeValue may return something like /relative.

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No login tweet-this Twitter Bookmarklet

31.03.2009, 16:43


Tipp: There's a newer version of the bookmarklet available.

Today I added a "follow me at twitter" button to my blog. And then I considered to include a "tweet this" button somewhere on all pages. But I realized that I would maybe have to add delicious, digg etc. too. But nobody really uses these buttons because they have delicious toolbar, bookmarklet or something similar that works on all web sites. I came to the result that I need a twitter bookmarklet. But although there are some on the net, I couldn't fine one, where you don't have to give away your twitter account data. So I created one:

tweet this

Just drag the link to your toolbar and klick the button whenever you wan to tweet a page. It will open on your /home-page with a link to the page and the title of the page pre-filled in the textarea. If you are not logged in, Twitter will ask you for your account data, so you're never giving away your password to 3rd party apps.

Let me know if something doesn't work in the comments.

You could of course include this link in any web page as quick and dirty tweet this button, to spare you trouble with server-side URL shortening. But keep in mind it won't work without javascript.


Heute habe ich einen „follow me at twitter“-Button auf meinen Blog gesetzt. Dann habe ich mir überlegt einen „tweet this“-Button irgendwo in alle Seiten einzubringen. Aber ich stellte fest, dass ich vielleicht delicious, digg etc. auch hinzufügen müsste. Aber niemand benutzt diese Icons, da jeder die Delicious-Toolbar, ein Bookmarklet oder ähnliches hat, das auf allen Webseiten funktioniert. Ich kam zu dem Schluss, dass ich ein Twitter-Bookmarklet brauche. Obwohl es einige im Internet gibt, konnte ich keines finden, wo man seine Twitter-account-Daten nicht hergeben muss. Also habe ich eines erstellt:

tweet this

Einfach den Link in die Toolbar ziehen und dann den Butten klicken, wenn Sie eine Webseite twittern wollen. Er wird auf ihrer „home“-Seite öffnen mit einemürztem Link zu der Seite und dem Titel der Seite vor ausgefüllt in der Textarea. Wenn Sie nicht eingeloggt sind, wird Sie Twitter nach ihrem Passwort fragen, also müssen Sie niemals Ihr Passwort an Anwendungen von Dritten weitergeben.

Lassen Sie mich via Kommentarfunktion wissen, falls etwas nicht funktioniert.

Man könnte natürlich diesen Link auch in jede Webseite einfügen als „quick and dirty“ tweet this-Button, um sich den Aufwand von Server seitigem URL-Kürzen zu sparen. Aber der Button kann natürlich nicht ohne Javascript funktionieren.

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To be Released Later...

17.10.2008, 23:30

This post was auto released!

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