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Twitter Bookmarklet III

11.07.2009, 20:16

For twitter users: Here's an easy-to-use toolbar button for your browser that substitutes the URL shortening and copy-pasting for you. There's no installation, I don't want to know your twitter login or password, and it will shorten the URL using

The bookmarklet will:

  • Receive a short URL from the API
  • Open up your twitter homepage in a new tab (Firefox) or in a pop up with the short URL and the page title included in the textarea
  • (Or take you to the twitter login page, which will then redirect)

To install just drag this link/button into your browser's bookmarks toolbar:


The bookmarklet is even supporting flickr-Photos (using their short URL like and other web sites (Ars technica, PHP-Manual, this blog...) if they provide own shortening services.

The code is a bit inspired by John Resig's „retweet“ button but it's not on the page you are viewing, but in your browser's toolbar, so you don't rely on webmasters cluttering their designs with social bookmarking services' buttons.

For IE-Users: You will have to right-click on the link and choose save bookmark. After that, you will be warned, because it's not a simple link, but a bookmarklet.

Kurze URL Post to twitter


filtercake meint: (#242)
20.06.2010, 14:24

very cool, thx! btw, one can hack this together nicely with the "share on tumblr"-marklet ;-]

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