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07.04.2009, 17:44


Recently I've created a boomarklet to post links quickly to twitter using URL-shortening. The main feature was that you don't have to login on 3rd party web sites because it takes you to twitter. But now there's some more improvement: The new bookmarklet looks for a tiny url on the website itself in a <link rel="short_url"-Tag> (thanks to Snaplog).

To install just drag this link in your bookmark toolbar and you're done:

tweet this

Since there are not too many pages that implement the short_url tag, it falls back to shortening if it couldn't find one. To test it navigate to a page that offers a short_url for example:

Edit 2009-10-22: New Version

The new major version Twitter Bookmarklet III is available.

New in Version

Since the short_url could lead to confusion with URL/URI and has the underscore I've updated the bookmarklet again to support rel="shortlink" too, which seems like a better term. There was of course some discussion.

New in Version 0.9.2:

The bookmarklet has been updated again to allow the short_url keyword to be one of a space separated list. This means it works now on

New in Version 0.9.1:

I had to update the bookmaklet to support relative URLs as used by In Javascript element.href returns the full, absolute url like etc. while l.attributes[x].nodeValue may return something like /relative.

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John Joseph Bachir meint: (#194)
22.09.2009, 19:08

newer version here:


Bernhard H. meint: (#195)
22.09.2009, 21:58

Oh yeah, thanks. I've linked the entry.

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